Attract and close business online
as well as you do in person.

Marketing that makes
a difference

Does this sound like you?

You want to attract new prospects online as well as you do when you’re face-to-face

You feel like the marketing efforts you’ve tried so far are just not working

Marketing has changed. You wonder if maybe it’s just too late for someone over forty to thrive in business

You just don’t have enough hours in the week for marketing.

The two biggest reasons why marketing doesn’t work

Not doing the “right things”

There are SO many options and channels and approaches to choose from. And nobody has the time or budget to try everything that might work.

You need a plan which identifies which marketing tactics are right for your business, and the optimum sequence and pace to implement them.

Not being consistent

Routine interruptions and changing priorities often prevent you from consistently following through with those “best laid” plans.

Automating your email marketing and other repetitive business processes ensures tasks are completed when you want them to be and how you want them to be – every time.

Too often…

We find someone who can tell us WHAT we need to do – but they can’t actually DO it for us


We find a great technician who knows exactly HOW but can’t tell us whether the approach is even right for our business needs.

Hi, I’m Karen 

You’re in the right place

I’m the experienced guide who can help you create that plan AND
I have the expertise to automate tasks you barely have time to DO

Using your current business information and our discussions, I develop a customized strategy

I design an implementation plan using tools and components which integrate with each other

Then I implement that plan so you get what we envisioned and what you expect

Team up with someone who really listens to your business goals and priorities
and who can help you find your way through the noise and confusion.

Use the Digital Marketing Strategy Worksheet  to quickly assess your online marketing presence now and receive more helpful information  later!

Just what your business needs.

Meaningfully connect with leads and prospects who used to slip through your fingers

Free up your time to serve more clients and bring in more income

Utilize only the marketing approaches that are most relevant for your  business needs

No more BSO’s
(Bright Shiny Objects)
or paying for things
you don’t need or use

Explore our services… we can help you in so many ways!





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2 Easy Steps to More Business

Let’s Talk

Schedule a free Get Acquainted Call. I’ll identify the key components of a Digital Marketing Strategy and we’ll find out if we’re a good fit to work together.

Let’s Get Started

This 2-hour
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and specific recommendations.

  • As Karen stepped me through her process for creating a Digital Marketing Strategy, the pieces fell into place.

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