Automated Email Marketing

Do you feel like leads are slipping through your fingers?

Everybody I know has experienced this…   how about you?

You meet a potential client who is really interested in what you offer. You promise to reconnect SOON  (and you really mean it!)

And then you get back to the office and one thing after another takes priority.

When you remember your promise, enough time has passed that you wonder if they will even remember you. You’re embarrassed that you didn’t reach out sooner.

And if they do remember you, reaching out NOW may just make them wonder if you are “late” with everything you promise.


Most of us just let that lead slip away…

You’re not alone!

Over 90% of Buyers don’t make their buying decision until after they have been approached at least 4 times.

But most (>70%) salespeople stop following up after the second approach.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Build your list by capturing leads from multiple sources with little or no effort on your part.

Follow-up immediately with a personalized email that reinforces that initial connection. Then continue following up with a conversational exchange which builds the relationship your potential client is looking for.

Build your business using your list and an Automated Email Platform (like Mailchimp.)

It also doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing.

Yes, there ARE lots of options and pieces.

I can show you which ones your business needs and the sequence they need to be implemented.

You don’t have to go it alone, wondering if you’re doing it “the right way”, wondering if you’re wasting time and money.

Scroll on down through the options
and then schedule a free call with me
to chat about how to get started!

Build Your List

Website Opt-in Forms

Make it easy for your website visitor to opt-in.

Opt-in Magnet

Offer a valuable sample so they can “try before they buy”

Social Media Opt-ins

Own your list so you can’t be “locked out” from your buyers

Scheduling Integration

When they schedule time with you, they can be added to your list

Business Cards

Promptly follow-up with everyone you meet (while your meeting is still fresh in their mind.)

Online event Registration

Shower your registrants with attention before and after the event.


When they buy, they can be added to your list.

Live Events

Build on their live event experience with continuing attention.


Welcome Series

Help your new subscribers get to
know you with
“dripped” emails

Nurture Email Sequence

Continue to build the relationship you started with the Welcome Series


Build trust with consistent and helpful communication

Relevant content to targeted subscribers

Build trust by only sending what interests the subscriber

Use Your List to Build Your Business

Product/Program Launch

Build anticipation
for your new

Online Event Campaign

Collect registrations
for your webinars
and teleseminars

Live Event Campaign

Increase attendance at your in-person events

Customer Happiness Campaign

Pay attention to your current clients

List refresh

Improve the accuracy
of your Open
and Read analytics

Testimonial Requests

Let your recent clients “show their love”

Referral Partner Campaign

Reach our and nurture Referral Partners too

Re-engagement Campaign

Encourage repeat business

2 Easy Steps to More Business

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