Business Processes

A process is the method you use to accomplish a task. Processes usually include multiple steps.

Some processes seem so obvious  or we’ve done them for so long that we don’t even notice they ARE a process (think “putting on socks” or “brushing your teeth”!)

Other processes (like resetting your car’s digital clock when Daily Savings Time changes – sigh…) aren’t as obvious and don’t happen frequently enough to easily remember.

Maybe you’re like me. I dig out the manual from the glove compartment, check the index or table of contents, find and read the instructions, and then wonder why I don’t remember how I did it last time because it’s not that complicated!

With our business, we figure out what works by just doing it.
Then we do it better the next time.
And the next time.
We continue to “rinse and repeat” until we settle on a process.

If we do the process frequently, we remember it.  But if we have to do it too frequently, we wonder if there isn’t an “easier way.”

If we don’t do the process often enough, we find ourselves spending extra time “figuring it out again.”

Processes that we keep repeating
OR that we have to spend extra time
to figure out each time
feel like “Time Thieves.”

Time Thief

Three Steps to  More Time (and Freedom)


When you have step-by-step instructions, you don’t need to figure it out (again!)


Let the documented process train new staff members consistently


This ultimate time-saver also ensures it happens exactly the same way every time

Are any of these business processes stealing your time?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Scheduling time with Prospects & Clients

On-boarding New Clients

Lead scoring & tracking

Program delivery

Content Curation

Content Audit


List Building Giveaway

Forms to collect Client info

Conducting Surveys

Getting Client Testimonials & Referrals

If your business growth has plateaued
because you just can’t work any harder or longer,
it’s time to focus on making your business processes “smarter.”

2 Easy Steps to More Business

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