Schedule a 2-hour Marketing Mojo Roadmap Consultation
for more detailed analysis and specific recommendations.


What we do:


My Recommendations (“Plan”)  –  ONE of following:

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy + Specific Implementation Projects
  2. Automated Email Marketing + Other Specific Implementation Projects
  3. Business Processes

Benefits =

Time and $ Investment =




At the end of this session, one of three things will happen:

  1. You love the plan, but realize you aren’t ready to act yet, or you decide to implement it on your own. We keep in touch!
  2. You love the plan but you aren’t ready to commit to an ongoing investment yet, so we schedule an individual Session with me and you pay in advance at a rate of $100/hr. You understand that I may not have ongoing availability.
  3. You love the plan AND are ready to commit to becoming my client so I can work with you to fully define your Digital Marketing Strategy AND implement it so you (benefits stmt)