While a well-designed website is critical, your online business also needs to attract visitors to your website AND nurture those visitors until they are ready to purchase.

(Did you know that over 90% of purchase decisions are not made until after the buyer has been approached 4 times!)

And every business would like fewer “tire-kickers,” right?  A Digital Marketing Strategy will attract more of the “right” prospects and guide them along their Buyer’s Journey – to you.

Schedule a Marketing Mojo Roadmap Consultation so we can talk about your business and how a Digital Marketing Strategy will help you achieve your business goals.

Before this session, I’ll review the business info you provide and look at your website and social media.

During the 2-hour session (which I usually conduct using Zoom), we will:

  • Identify the best Attraction Marketing approaches for you and your business
  • Discuss whether your website is contributing to your overall marketing strategy – and how it could be doing better
  • Explore the kinds of follow-up marketing that will convince your prospects to buy from you

After this session, you will be clearer about how your business goals can be achieved. And when you are ready to work together, the $197 session fee will be applied to your consulting or implementation fee.

Let’s get started!