Once we have a plan, I’ll create a Proposal which identifies the “chunks of work” required to implement the plan.

I call these Phases.

For each Phase, the Proposal defines:

  • the outcomes
  • what we’ll each do and provide to achieve the outcomes
  • an estimated duration
Proposal Diagram

I’ll also include sequence and pacing recommendations.

Sequence matters when a function (like publishing a newsletter) is dependent on something else (like having a list of emails to send to.) I’ll factor in these sequence considerations while creating the proposal.

Pacing is related to the timing of implementation. For example, several emails are typically sent out over a week or two for a mailing list “refresh” – to give subscribers a sufficient opportunity to respond. Other implementation tasks would be planned during that period.

For a successful implementation, we need to consider these factors:

  • How much time you and your team will have available to complete your parts of the effort. (I can’t do this without you!)

You’ll know:

  • what to expect
  • how long it will take
  • how much it’s going to cost.

Once you sign off on the Proposal, we’ll work out the calendar for the first Phase and get started!

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