A “Phase” is a project, a chunk of work that has:

  • a scope of work
  • assigned responsibilities
  • identified deliverables
  • a schedule

Here are some example Phases for the services I provide:

  • Define and setup Customer Profile (custom fields, tags, segments)
  • Setup and integrate List Opt-in
  • Setup and integrate Online Scheduling
  • Define and setup Pipeline
  • Define and setup Welcome Email Series
  • Define and setup Content Curation process
  • Define and setup Nurture Email Series
  • Design Newsletter template and publishing process
  • Define Editorial Calendar
  • Define and implement an Event (registration, execution, follow-up)

and there are more!

It’s very normal for improvements or other changes to be identified as a project progresses.

As we get into implementation (and you work with more clients), you may want to add a marketing initiative or modify the way you are going to deliver one of your services.

Sometimes it’s less expensive to make adjustments during the project than to rework later, even when it adds to the schedule and cost of the current implementation plan.

When this happens, we address these changes with a Change Request (PCR)  – which is like a mini-proposal – that specifies the scope and estimated effort for the change. If you (the client) approve the change, the schedule and billing duration are adjusted.

The diagram below illustrates the effect that three change requests had on the calendar and cost of the engagement illustrated in the Proposal.

Proposal w PCRs Diagram

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