Digital Marketing Strategy

Create an online customer experience
that feels like you are sitting together

A Digital Marketing Strategy identifies exactly where your content needs to be located on the internet so your potential clients can discover you and then come to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.

I’ll guide you along a step-by-step process to pull together a customized Digital Marketing Strategy that fits you and your business.

This is NOT a boilerplate fill-in-the-blanks document!

I’ll interview you and actively listen to you describe your business:

  • What your business is all about
  • What you like about your favorite clients/customers
  • What you value you provide to them
  • What you have used and done in your previous marketing
  • What “feels right” for you!

Here are some of the Key Components of the Digital Marketing Strategy we will develop for your business:

Key Components

  • Brand Positioning

    What makes you YOU and your selected attraction marketing strategies

  • Buyer Persona(s) and Buyer's Journey

    We identify the psychographics of your "best fit" buyers. Then we walk in their shoes along their Buyer's Journey and document their questions.

  • Content Mapping

    This is where my expertise comes in! I lay out a grid which identifies the right kinds of content at the right locations across your "digital footprint"

  • Content Audit and Gap Analysis

    We compare the content you already have to what you need, re-purposing as much as possible

  • Marketing Plan and Editorial Calendar

    Exactly which marketing initiatives with the specific coordinated messages - Feel in control!

Existing Business and Marketing Plans are a good start,
but a Digital Marketing Strategy is so much more…

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