• I start with the big picture of you and your business.
  • I review any business and marketing plans you have, as well as your current website, emails & newsletters, and social media activity.
  • We identify where things are now and where you want them to be. I help you clarify your most relevant requirements.
  • Based on the info you provided and our discussions, I create a plan. Together we review and “test” and adjust that plan.

Plans = Changes

And changes “rock the boat.”

So our plan will be paced, allowing the boat (your business) to stop rocking before we make the next change. You and your team will be ready for the next step.

The plan will be scheduled so you have time to keep up with running your business while still making strategic progress.

The plan will have clear milestones so you know what to expect as well as what impact a delay or change will have on the schedule.

The plan will include sufficient lead time and everybody will know what they need to do. Advance preparation reduces the impact of the inevitable unplanned – less stress on everybody!

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