JUST what your business needs

When you read “Just what your business needs”, did you hope for a simple answer?

I know I often long for a quick solution – because my life feels so complex and full.

But more than a simple, quick answer, I want the RIGHT solution.

I’m willing to invest more time doing the RIGHT thing in the RIGHT way. “Quick and dirty” is not my style.

So when I say “Just what your business needs”, I mean “Exactly what your business needs.”

If that’s what you want too, I invite you to read on!


A Plan Makes the Difference

Change is a hassle.

It just is.

But a Plan lessens the hassle.

A plan ensures that the RIGHT solution gets implemented smoothly and efficiently, and that we actually get the results we expect after the change.

Plan (aka strategy)

  • The optimum sequence
  • Sufficient lead time
  • Realistic expectations
  • Schedule and budget considerations

My Services Process

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You don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Knowledgeable Guide

Sounding board and empathic listener


Technical expertise (and ability to explain what it all means)



Be the Boss Lady You ARE

Don’t let the busy-ness keep you from keeping an eye on the Big Picture

Know what your Key Performance Indicators are and how to watch them.

You don’t have to be doing it yourself to be aware of what’s going on.

My services are an investment you are making in your business.  When I finish implementing a business process and ensuring it is working as intended, I will move on to the next process and hand off any ongoing tasks to either you (or your staff) or to my staff if you prefer. Expenses for maintaining that process will then become an ongoing “cost of doing business.”

Opt-in layer 

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