Who I Work With

I work with established business owners who are doing what they love and want to attract and connect with their ideal prospects online as well as they do when they’re face-to-face.

Here are some notes about who I work best with:

These attributes are temporarily borrowed from Marissa Bracke until I reword them "my way".

You are clear about the value you offer to your clients/customers.

You appreciate the value of pacing change so it minimizes the potential disruption on your business.

You've been in business for at least a year, and you're profitable.

OR, if you haven’t been in business for at least a year or are not profitable, then you have an ample cash buffer to use for services like this, because you understand that this is about long-term and long-lasting solutions.

You welcome reasoned, experienced feedback in furtherance of your business objectives.

You firmly believe that a sense of humor is necessary for survival in life and business.

And here are some indicators that we probably aren’t a good fit:

You're doing any kind of price comparison, at all.

You want a lot of sizzle, and you don't care how it's done — ethics, margins, blah blah blah — just make it happen!

You aren't willing to move a schedule when it is possible and it has become unreasonably stressful to not move it.

You're ready for the 4-Hour Workweek, and want someone to figure it out, set it up, and run it for you.

You have a really strong need to identify who caused something to "go wrong".

You don't understand that it's not OK to ask me to drop everything because you have an emergency.

You believe that anything in business that is not easy or fun can or should be delegated to someone who does find it easy or fun.

You believe that receiving negative feedback hinders your ability to manifest your best possible life, so you refuse to hear anyone who offers any critical feedback, regardless of the context.